An Anthology of Airships, Pirates, and Wizards

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Come Along and Sail the Skies...

Skies of Wonder CoverDiscover thirteen stories of daring feats and breathtaking action, of heart-wrenching choices, of families formed and families broken, stories of love and loss and victory.

You’ll meet golems, werewolves, dragons, sirens, and a wide array of wizards and pirates, both evil and good-hearted.

So grab your cutlass and wand, climb aboard, and set sail with us.

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The Stories

The Adventure of the Unburnt Book

Cragg wants what any library golem wants: friends, decent penmanship, and to rescue an airship full of books from the Nazis. Unfortunately, his hands are made of stone, the airship is on fire, and the Nazis have a boat full of jetpack zombies with other ideas.
by Tyler Hayes

Always A Chance

When Amalie’s father goes missing, it’s up to her to fend off pirates and her own self-doubt long enough to return an ambassador dragon to Peking.
by Chelsea Counsell

What A Tea Witch Promises

Tea witch Jenoye can brew a cup that will open a heart or unfetter a soul, but she meets her biggest challenge yet when she attempts to help a pirate with a dark past.
by C. C. S. Ryan

A Most Worthy End

Summoned by his god, Abrams Miller undertakes a treacherous journey to prove his devotion. But not everything on the ancient, sacred mountaintop is at it seems.
by Timothy Shea

A Step Out Into the Blue

Elaine just wants to get some formal training as a mage and get a better job, but everything goes wrong during a routine job when the airship she's on is highjacked by pirates.
by Hilary B. Bisenieks

Lips of Red, Lips of Black

The paper pirate Katha stole for love. Now, captive on a ship fueled by terrorsouls, the Lady of Embers will make her pay for it.
by A. J. Hackwith

Every Subject's Soul Is Her Own

A Cuban First Mate requests help from her former best friend, now an augmented airship pilot, to execute a risky plan.
by Kelly Rossmore

Thou Shalt Be Free As Mountain Winds

In the aftermath of an attack by the Immolate's merciless flamecraft, Kes is left with no choice but to track down her elusive lost love: the featherwitch pirate queen Alcyone.
by Jennifer Mace

The Birthday Heist

Caius has had better birthdays. An easy bounty hunt for some murderous wizards got complicated when he was separated from his team and captured. What's a werewolf to do? Break out and save the day or die trying, obviously. Hopefully with a little help from his friends.
by Fred Yost

Airships are Overrated (Always Insist on Taking the Kittens and Puppies Valley Route)

Airships are for the foolish or fearless. Evelyn is neither, but she's on one anyway.
by Laura Davy


Jacob Shelley joined The Guild to learn about magic. When his mentor asks him to do the unthinkable, he decides to run away, knowing The Guild will hunt him down to protect its secrets. Can one young man elude the most powerful organization in the world? No one escapes The Guild.
by Joshua Curtis Kidd

Clockwork & Consensus

Iphigenia just wants to start a new life in Seffel where she can tinker with her clockworkers -- assuming she can outfly and outwit sky pirates, sirens, and the evil wizard from which she's escaped.
by Mary Alexandra Agner

Jack Among Wolves

All Captain Jack Valiant agreed to do was smuggle three passengers across the closed Sebiran border -- but her country's at war, the Sebiran Empire hides secrets of its own, and it seems her passengers may be dressed in sheep's clothing.
by Wren Wallis

About the Anthology

Skies of Wonder, Skies of Danger is an Isle of Write Anthology, edited by John Appel, Jo Miles, and Mary Alexandra Agner.

Our cover art is by Gabriella Liv Eriksson, whose wonderful work can be found on her website.

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